Who Are Congress Consultants

The Company


Congress Consultants are working in three fields: as a PCO (Professional Congress Organiser) and as organisation- and project consultants


To offer top quality consultancy and professional conference handling, regarding all services associated with conference planning and execution.

Every event is unique and is treated this way.

Congress Consultants work with a high degree of financial responsibility

Congress Consultants work with strictly open model where no conditions are unclear to the organisers

Congress Consultants work on certain conditions with a “no-cure no-pay” model.

Key business

  • Planning of conferences, congresses and meetings, national or international.
  • Consultancy 
  • Association Management
  • Project Management


We have more than 17 years of experience in organising conferences, besides a wide spread experience in general management.

We have planned meetings from  50 to 7000 participants, in areas ranging from scientific to social and political subjects.

Our customers

We work with organisations and institutions organising meetings primarily in Europe.

For some of our customers, we act as a "Core PCO", taking care of all their conferences. The organisation can benefit from our thorough knowledge of organisation history, conference tradition etc. Our co-operation can be extended to general organisation consultancy, managing the organisation memberships, organisation economy and sponsor agreements.

We offer full service management of the event or ad hoc consultancy.

Business associates

We have a wide range of supporting companies and organisations enlarging our expertise in areas such as design and lay-out, IT-development, e-learning and other types of education, clinical trials, legal matters etc.


Congress Planning

Congress Consultants is a Professional Congress Organiser (PCO).

We offer all conference organisers consultancy and practical services regarding international or national conferences in Europe.

Congress Consultants has great expertise in analysis, budgeting, simulation models, fund-raising and sponsoring.

Organisational Development

Congress Consultants work as the representative of the organisations and are on the organisations side in all matters.

Congress Consultants has a proven record of helping organisations boost their economy, increase the number of members, initiating activities, profiling the organisations and actually “paying our own fee” through fundraising activities.

Project Consultancy

Congress Consultants has a good expertise in project managing of clinical and educational projects, taking care of the many aspects of funding, controlling and reporting. Congress Consultants has successfully made projects in Central-Eastern Europe, Pan-European trails and projects of change or implementation of scientific knowledge within national health systems in a number of countries.


Conference Services

Congress Consultants assists in all tasks in relation to conferences, congresses and meetings. Full service management or ad hoc consultancy.

Congress Consultants is working as “Professional Congress Organiser” (PCO) primarily with scientific organisations. The services involved are: start-up, the entire planning, the execution and the closing of a conference.

Most important is the success of the conference, scientifically and socially. Besides this Congress Consultants have proven results also in securing a positive result of the conference through responsibility and fundraising.


Past Conferences



May 20th Conference of the European Wound Management Association    Bid open, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey 



May  19th Conference of the European Wound Management Association   Helsinki, Finland  



May 18th Conference of the European Wound Management Association    Lisbon,Portugal  

September8th Scientific Meeting of the Diabetic Foot Study Group



April 12-14   Image Analysis and in Vivo Pharmachology (IAVP)Roskilde, Demark IAVP     

May 2-4 17th Conference of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA 2007) Glasgow,


August 12-17  11th Cell Wall Meeting CopenhagenDenmark

August 20–24  GISVET  Copenhagen, Denmark  GISVET

September 13-15 NPOG 2007  HelsingørDenmark  NPOG



October 1-6  Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention  Copenhagen, Denmark       

September 10-126th Scientitic Meeting of the Diabetic Foot Study Group   HelsingørDenmark

June 17-2 37th Nordic Ophthalmology Congress Copenhagen, Denmark 

May 18-2015th Conference of the European Wound Management Association Prague, Czech Republic 

January 23-24 Nordisk Tilsynskonference, LO-Skolen Helsingør, Denmark Nordisk Tilsynskonf.




November 8 SCC Jystrup, Denmark SCC

September 15-17  Stuttgart 2005 Stuttgart, Germany  Stuttgart 2005

September 7-15th Scientific Meeting of the Diabetic Foot Study Group   ThessalonikiGreece

April 7-9 Image Analysis and in Vivo Pharmachology (IAVP)RoskildeDenmark  IAVP





October 28-3 16. Nordiske Konference om Psykoterapi for Traumatiserede Flygtninge Helsingør, Danmark PTF

 September 22-2413th Meeting of Scandinavian Society for Genitourinary Medicine (SSGM)  HelsingørDenmark        

September 16-18Image Analysis in Vivo Pharmacology Denmark        

September 2-514th Annual Meeting of the Diabetic Neuropathy Study Group of the EASD - Neurodiab XIV  Regensburg, Germany    

September 2-54th Scientific Meeting of the diabetic Foot Study Group   Regensburg, Germany  DFSG

August 2-9International Group for Lean Construction HelsingørDenmark  IGLC

July 4-11  10th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-10)  Copenhagen, Denmar

May  Computer Assisted Fundus Image analysisFortLauterdale florida,USA

 May 11-148th European Conference on Computer VisionPrague, Czech Republic

April 17-2 7th European Conference on Fungal Genetics Copenhagen Denmark

April 16-17Dansk Selskab for Otolaryngologi, Hoved- & Halskirurgi Nyborg, Denmark

March 12-13Copenhagen Woundhealing Center symposium Copenhagen, Denmark 




September 25-26 Transcultural Nursing Conference   Copenhagen, Denmark   

May 22-2413th Conference of the European Wound Management Association  Pisa, Italy 

March 28-3 3rd Workshop on Computer Fundus Image Analysis  Turin, Italy




August 30 - Sept. 1  Diabetic Foot Study Group (DFSG)  Balatonfüred, Hungary  

June1-2  Post Workshops to 7th European Congress on Computer Vision (ECCV-2002)  Copenhagen,Denmark

May 28-317th European Congress on Computer Vision (ECCV-2002) Copenhagen,Denmark

May7   Tutorials prior to 7th European Congress on Computer Vision (ECCV-2002)  Copenhagen,Denmark 

May 23-2512th Conference of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA-2002)         Granada,Spain 

April 25-27 Sår i 10 år, Nordisk Jubilæumssymposium, Dansk Selskab for Sårheling (DSFS)  Helsingør, Denmark 

April 24 Workshop on Multidiciplinary Concepts of Wound Healing (MCWH) Helsingør, Denmark 

April 18 Lymphoedema Framework Conference  London, United Kingdom LF

April 2-7 Mathematics Education and Society, 3rd International Conference (MES-3) Helsingør, Denmark



Oct 5-72nd International Workshop on Computer Assisted Fundus Image Analysis (CAFIA-2)  | Copenhagen, Denmark

June 28-3 Numeracy for Empowerment and Democracy (ALM-8)  | Roskilde, Denmark  

May 17-19"Back to the Future" 11th Conference of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA-2001)  |  Dublin, Ireland

May 17   Can Trauma and Pain be avoided at dressings changes?, Molnlycke Symposium   Dublin,Ireland 



May 29-3 1st International Workshop on Computer Assisted Fundus Image Analysis (CAFIA) Copenhagen, Denmark

May 19-2 Veterinary Wound Management Symposium (VET) Stockholm, Sweden VET

May 18-20 "Advances in Wound Management" 10th Conference of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA 2000)  Stockholm, Sweden  

May 18   Trauma and Pain during Dressing Changes - can it be avoided? Mölnlycke Symposium  Stockholm, Sweden